To the Bakers at the Irby Location,

You never know who you are serving—really serving. This is a heart-felt thanks to the bakers and helpers who created a perfect birthday cake for my daughter today. My mother-in-law is not well and she sent a friend to order a special birthday cake this morning. Within 2 hours a glittered chocolate cake was prepared with love and a special birthday flare. My daughter was in awe–”That is the most wonderful cake I have ever had—or have ever seen!”

My mother-in-law was on the spot to create the magic for her granddaughter. Mrs. Stone’s husband was Alzheimer’s and she is in very poor health herself, so she turned to Henri’s for her magic. Thank you to whoever was involved in this morning’s creation—you made an 11-year-old very happy.

God bless, Montie


I called a few weeks ago about having a blueberry pie delivered for a birthday. I realize it was unorthodox for your bakery to do home deliveries as such. It was a tremendous success and I wanted to thank everyone involved for their accommodation and helping make an unexpected gift successful. Everyone raved about how great the pie was, I just wish I was there to taste it myself (I’m writing this from New York). Please be assured that the next time I’m in Buckhead, I intend to visit your bakery the first chance I get.

Thanks again,